Where To Find Us

We are currently revamping the way that Blue Rose operates! You can currently find our cupcakes at our favourite little tea shop- The Tea Girl! Our cupcakes are served in rotating flavours there, and are best enjoyed with a tea latte (theirs are the best in the city, no contest)!

If you’re looking to order some cupcakes for a special occasion, please contact us with at least two weeks notice, as I have a lot on the go, and need to plan ahead. You can also subscribe to our monthly cupcake club here.

My biggest passion right now, happens to be teaching COOKING CLASSES. Scope The Pan Tree for courses taught by Sarah Louise Foster- all of my courses taught are vegan. I also periodically offer courses via the City of Edmonton. If you would like me to teach a class at your facility, please contact me! I am experienced with teaching both adults, and children in an after school setting, from elementary to high school ages! I would love to work with you to create a fun and unique session.

The very most best way to contact us, is via email at sarahlouise@bluerosevegan.ca


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